• Jalmari Ikävalko
  • Since 1990
  • Located at Espoo, Finland Capital Region
  • Worked at Uplause Ltd since Nov 2013, first as a game developer, later with lead developer & CTO duties
  • Studied computer science at Tampere University from Sep 2009 to May 2011
  • Worked at Wavesum Ltd from March 2012 to May 2013, as a software developer
  • Worked at Ardites Ltd from Nov 2008 to Feb 2009, as a trainee

Programmer bio

Full stack in the full sense.

I'm a software enthusiast and have written code for over 15 years now, last five years of which as a professional.

As programming is a general interest to me, I've experience working on a diverse set of topics related to it, including both high and low level projects. Some examples include audio analysis, game development, graphics programming, web development, devops and database design. I also have a working conceptual understanding of advanced topics such as cryptography, many kinds of algorithms, operating systems and state-of-the-art computer graphics.

I also like to teach people and the softer side of programming is something I enjoy musing over; How good software is created, what makes software succesful and what team practices allow great software be created.

Cherry-picked FOSS contributions

  • Panda3D - A generic 3D engine. Contributed with minor features and design input. Involved C++ & OpenGL.
  • Balanced Annihilation - A real-time strategy game. Contributed bug fixes and features. Involved Lua.
  • UpTween - A down-to-earth tweening library for Unity. Involved C#.
  • NWN Launcher - A launcher, game file updater, game setting modifier etc for Neverwinter Nights. Involved Python & NodeJS.
  • Ravenloft: Prisoners of the Mist - Last but not least, 10+ years of community involvement in the spirit of true, intricate roleplaying. Involved storytelling, dungeon mastering, community management, thousands of hours of roleplaying, game balancing arguments and scripting support in a C-like language.

Buzzwords (experience may vary..)

C++, C#, Python, Lua, JavaScript, Rust, Java, C, 6502, x86, SQL, Node, Qt, OpenGL, Linux, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Unity, shader programming, game development, database design, server management, DevOps, ... and more.

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